Login Sessions and Bookmarks



To access any of the screens beyond the login screen, a valid login session must be acquired. Acquiring a valid login session will require a valid user ID and password.

Login sessions have a maximum time that they are allowed to exist when idle. When an attempt is made to access a screen after a login session's idle time limit has been exceeded, the login screen will be presented to re-authenticate the user. To access the desired page simply supply your user id and password.

A Logout button is always available on each application screen. The logout button will immediately end your session when pressed, and as a result the application login screen will be presented.

Using your browser's bookmark or "favorites" feature can avoid extra steps when returning to a particular application screen. However, one can expect an intermediate trip through the login screen whenever there is not an active login session.

Helpful Hints

Consider the following notes about application data and login sessions:

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